ATF promotes "Fast and Furious" supervisors


The ATF has reportedly given job promotions to three of its supervisors who led the controversial "Fast and Furious" operation, according to an LA Times report.

As CBS News first reported, that program allowed thousands of high caliber weapons to be sold to "straw purchasers" despite the fact that ATF allegedly realized the guns were bound for Mexico. Two of those guns turned up at the murder scene of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Despite an ongoing Congressional inquiry and Inspector General investigation into the gunwalker scandal, the ATF moved to promote Deputy Director William McMahon as well as field supervisors William Newell and David Voth. All three men will work out of ATF headquarters in Washington. In Congressional hearings this summer, both McMahon and Newell acknowledged having made mistakes with "Fast and Furious."

The timing of the promotions has drawn questions from some agents, and fire from some members of Congress. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) today issued a statement saying, "Until Attorney General Holder and Justice Department officials come clean on all alleged gun-walking operations, including a detailed response to allegations of a Texas-based scheme, it is inconceivable to reward those who spearheaded this disastrous operation with cushy desks in Washington."