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At the Holiday Box Office

'Tis the season for movie fans everywhere. This week, in particular, is one of Hollywood's biggest at the box office.

Liam Mayclem, a reporter from CBS affiliate KPIX in San Francisco, went home to London for the holidays -- and to give a sneak peak into what's hot and what's not on the big screen.

Mayclem said there's a wide variety of movie offerings at the box office now, from blockbusters to musicals and cat-and-mouse romps.

But this holiday, it's about two comedies -- or rather, one-and-a-half.

The first is "It's Complicated," which stars what Mayclem described as the wonderfully paired Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.

It's the tale of a woman's revenge fantasy about getting even with the man who left her.

"The performances are first class," Mayclem said. "A perfect date movie that really wasn't too complicated."

Next is New York darling Sarah Jessica Parker starring with British fop and romantic comedy veteran Hugh Grant in "Have You Heard About the Morgans?"

Sarah Jessica Parker: Always an NYC Star
Hugh Grant on "The Early Show"

Mayclem reported, "The only thing I heard while watching this were moans and groans from unamused film-goers."

However, Grant told Mayclem this is the perfect holiday flick.

"There is no swearing," Grant said. "There is the loveable Sarah Jessica Parker. What more do you want?"

Still, Mayclem said the Morgans were as funny as the gift of a multi-colored holiday sweater.

On the other hand, "Avatar," Mayclem said, is a big, bold, brilliant epic adventure combining live action and computer-generated characters like never seen before.

Mayclem called it a "must-see, for sure."

The 3-D sci-fi blockbuster is director James Cameron's first film since "Titanic" 12 years ago. Mayclem said Cameron needs to ensure the film doesn't sink at the box office.

With a $300 million plus price tag, "Avatar" is reportedly the most expensive film ever made.

"Avatar" Box Office Debut
Will "Avatar" Go Gold for Cameron?

But Cameron told me it's about the message, not the money.

Cameron said, "It's about the planet, a reminder to us to be mindful of its inhabitants, cultures."

Next is the Rob Marshall mega-musical romp "Nine."

"Nine" Debuts in London

Mayclem explained the movie is a Fellini-inspired story of a director, played by Danial Day Lewis, torn by the many women in his life. An "A" list cast, lavish sets and costumes, and an army of dancing beauties make this colorful explosion of dance and song a movie to behold, Mayclem said.

And finally, Britain's famous fictional crime fighter, Sherlock Holmes, is brought back to life in a new film directed by the king of capers Guy Ritchie.

Mayclem said Golden Globe nominee Robert Downey Jr. delights as the Victorian super-sleuth. His sidekick, Dr. Watson, is played with perfect aplomb by Jude Law.

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Guy Richie told Mayclem he hopes "Sherlock Homes" will be the perfect holiday movie.

"I wanted a film that would titillate mentally and titillate physically," Richie said. "A lot of titillation."

Mayclem said he loved "Sherlock Holmes."

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