At "recovery" high schools, sober and college-bound

Recovery high school
Students study at Ostiguy High School in Boston, Mass., a "recovery high school" where drug-free former addicts receive education and counseling.

The most recent data available paints a rather startling picture of drug abuse in schools. According to the 2009 National Institute of Drug Abuse study, 20 percent of America's high school youth disclosed the recent use of an illicit drug. In the last year, more than 16 million Americans ages over 12 say they've taken a prescription drug for non-medical purposes.

But despite the scope of this problem -- our secondary schools are rarely equipped to help -- or in many cases, even recognize the problem. But a new type of school is offering a solution, a "recovery" school, where all the students are former addicts who receive integrated education and counseling.

CBS News correspondent Seth Doane visited one a recovery high school in Boston, Mass. -- one of four statewide -- for a closer look: