At Churches, Solidarity, Prayer for Haiti

Many Haitians, their churches in rubble, held religious services in the streets Sunday. They were joined in spirit by worshipers across the U.S. and beyond, as CBS News correspondent Randall Pinkston reports.

On this first Sunday after the earthquake, at church services around the world, people prayed for Haiti. At the Vatican, Pope Benedict talked about the incredible suffering of the tiny island.

"I pray for wounded people, for the homeless, and for those who lost their life," he said.

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At a Baptist church in Washington, President Obama urged Haitians to have hope. The president spoke of "the same faith that breaks the silence of an earthquake with the sound of prayer and hymns sung by a Haitian community, faith of things not seen - and better days ahead."

It was a sentiment expressed at Notre Dame D'Haiti Roman Catholic church in Miami.

"We believe in prayers," said worshipper Marie Michel. "That is one thing that keep us going."

In Brooklyn, New York, Haitians crowded into St. Jerome for mass in their native language, Creole. Some came filled with grief for loved ones who died or are still missing.

Emma St. Fleur's half-sister, her cousin, his wife and daughter, and a half-sister all perished in the earthquake.

She said it is hard to see anything positive out of this tragedy

"I don't want to say no," she said, "but at the same time, it's really hard to think that way now, because we all asking ourselves 'Why us?'"

It is a question we've heard often this past week - and today, through their faith, some Haitians believe have found an answer.

"With the lord, everything is going to be okay," said Haiitian-American worshipper Richar Plaisir. "We believe, if God wasn't there, there would have been no Haitian peoples left."

One St. Jerome's parishioner said she came to thank God for saving her daughter, who arrived in Haiti on Monday, survived the earthquake Tuesday, and is now on her way home.