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Assignment Steve Hartman

If you've been casting your votes for "Assignment America," you've had a chance to determine which of three stories correspondent Steve Hartman will report on for the "Evening News." In the interest of such interactivity, we decided he would be the perfect subject of this week's "10 Plus 1" feature – so, in addition to our standard 10, he'll answer a question from a reader as well. Hartman is probably best known for the series "Everybody Has A Story," in which interview subjects were determined by throwing a dart at a map and randomly picking a name from the local phone book. More recently, his piece on Jason McElwain, has garnered quite a bit of attention (it aired twice on the "Evening News.") We're sure you've got plenty of questions, so here's your chance to ask. E-mail us or post your questions in comments and Steve will answer one (maybe more) on Thursday.