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Aspen, Colo. bike thief apologizes, signs note: "Drunk"

(CBS/AP) ASPEN, Colo. - An Aspen man whose high-end bicycle was stolen says he bears no grudge against a remorseful person who returned it with a handwritten note of apology that was signed, "Drunk."

The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office says the Trek bike was left near the sheriff's office and police department with a note that said: "Sorry. I stole this bike. I rode it home. Please give it back - Drunk."

Granted the note of regret was a bit garbled, but it's the thought that counts.

Aspen resident Jay Maytin says he's just happy to be back on his Trek. The company's high-end models can cost thousands of dollars.

Police tell the Aspen Times there were no witnesses to the bike heist.

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