Ask CBS News: Will Storms Undo Work on Oil Well?

"CBS Evening News" Anchor Katie Couric asks Kelly Cobiella a viewer question about the Gulf oil spill July 22, 2010.
In our ongoing "Ask CBS News" segment, we've answered your questions about the Gulf oil spill. Viewers can leave questions on "CBS Evening News" Anchor Katie Couric's Twitter page or the CBS News Facebook page.

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Special Section: Disaster in the Gulf

Tonight we answered another one of your questions.

A viewer asked: "Will increased wave activity from any tropical system hamper any work that's already been done on the (relief) well?"

CBS News Correspondent Kelly Cobiella answered from Port Fourchon, La., that BP feels fairly confident that it can pick up where it left off. The real issue is the loss of time, up to two weeks if it actually has to evacuate. The other issue out there, though, is really picking up that oil that's already in the Gulf. The skimming, the burning doesn't work in high seas, and the good news is those high seas do help a little bit. They help to break up some of that oil.

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