Ask CBS News: Are BP's Oil Relief Wells Safe?

In our ongoing "Ask CBS News" segment, we've answered your questions about the Gulf oil spill. Viewers can leave questions on "CBS Evening News" Anchor Katie Couric's Twitter page or the CBS News Facebook page.

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Special Section: Disaster in the Gulf

Tonight we answered another one of your questions.

A viewer asked: "What measures are being taken to ensure the safety of the relief wells?"

CBS News Correspondent Don Teague answered from Grand Isle, La., that BP hasn't really spoken of specifics about what they're doing with the relief wells that are any different except to say they're doing it as quickly and safely as possible. We now know that the first of the relief wells is just 200 feet from intersecting with the blown-out well, but now the process really slows down because they have to make a precise intersection. It could still be the second week of August before this is complete, and they know the whole world is watching.

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