Ashton's "Body Scoop for Girls"

CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton's book, The Body Scoop for Girls.
CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton has penned a book geared specifically toward growing girls.

"The Body Scoop for Girls: A Straight-Talk Guide to a Healthy, Beautiful You," a no-holds-barred guide for teens and tweens, is now in stores.

Read an Excerpt of "The Body Scoop for Girls"

In it, Ashton, an OB-GYN who specializes in adolescent care, addresses real-life questions teens and tweens have about their changing bodies -- and how to make smart choices.

Among the topics addressed in "Body Scoop": breast development, sex, birth control, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), eating disorders, depression and hormone imbalance, grooming and body piercings.

Ashton says, "I found that teens and tweens just didn't have a clue about their bodies, and no one (parents, teachers, friends) was giving them the right information. I wanted to be the person to make a real difference in their adolescent years; I wanted to give them the inside scoop on their bodies so that they would be empowered!"

Ashton will discuss many of the topics from her new book later this week, on "The Early Show."