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Ashley Tisdale: Marriage "is the best feeling in the world"

Ashley Tisdale says she eager to take on what she's calling her "most adult role so far."

She's set to appear in "Buzzy's," a sitcom centering on a group of friends from high school, who come from different cliques, but now work together at a Charlestown, Massachusetts, barbershop called Buzzy's. "Will & Grace" duo David Kohan and Max are behind the show, which also stars George Wendt and Lauren Lapkus.

"I'm a big fan of the creative, who created 'Will & Grace.' It's a sitcom, so it's something I'm used to doing, but it's definitely a different type of sitcom," Tisdale told CBS News. "So, I think for me it's kind of my transition role as Danni, which is this character that works at a barber shop. I guess it's my most adult role so far."

TBS has already greenlit 10 episodes, but only the pilot has been shot as the show doesn't debut until 2015. Filming picks up again in March.

"Usually when a show gets picked up, you're doing it in the fall, but because it actually doesn't premiere until next June we actually don't start doing it until later," said Tisdale, who rose to fame in the "High School Musical" film series. "It's kind of that moment, 'Oh my God! My show got picked up!' And then it's like, 'Wait -- we don't start for a really long time.'"

Which is good news for Tisdale, who has spent the last several months planning her wedding.

"It's been good," said the singer/actress. "I have had a lot of personal things in the last month that I've been able to focus on more, so everything's turned out exactly how it's supposed to."

Tisdale wed musician Christopher French on Sept. 8 in quite the secret ceremony. "I'm very excited. I'm very happy," said Tisdale. "It's been something that you prepare for a year...I had to be really quiet about it because I wanted to make sure it was super quiet and intimate...The fact that nobody knew we got married was unbelievable!"

The couple went public with their relationship in 2012. French, the lead singer in Annie Automatic, proposed in August 2013 on the 103rd floor of New York's Empire State Building. At the time Tisdale called it "the best night of my life."

"It felt like I was married before or something --- I guess because we act that way. It definitely feels amazing," Tisdale said. "It feels different but doesn't. It's like I married my best friend. It's the best feeling in the world....This relationship was definitely different from any other relationship I ever had...Nothing is forced. It's the best feeling ever."

She recently returned from their honeymoon in Bora Bora, sharing pictures of their adventures on Instagram:

Right around the wedding, Tisdale spent some time behind the camera. She recently helped produce a romantic comedy series for Lindt dubbed "It Started with HELLO." She produced the first episode called "Office Mates," which she calls both "cute" and "quirky."

Ashley Tisdale joined Lindt chocolate in Los Angeles to produce Michael Simon/

Tisdale has a lot of production experience -- six years ago, she launched the company Blondie Girl Productions and has been producing both unscripted and scripted material ever since.

"This is my first time being part of a Web series. So that was really exciting and new. With producing you're always a part of the script, approving that, doing notes on it -- to wardrobe -- to on the actually day just watching. It's a lot of sitting. Producing is a lot of sitting," she said laughing. "It's super fun. It's so different than being in front of the camera."

Tisdale is also expected to hit the big screen again soon in the upcoming movie "A Many Splintered Thing" with Chris Evans, Aubrey Plaza, Michelle Monaghan and Topher Grace.

"My passion is being an actress," said Tisdale. "That's always going to be my No. 1 passion but I love the fact that I get to be creative in such different ways. And when I'm not doing something [on-camera] I'm able to work on something else. I'm a workaholic. It's just nice to have a bunch of stuff going on."

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