As The Chalk Dust Settles

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The two sides came face to face and the principal blinked. No janitorial duties for teachers in a small town north of Orlando. CBS News Radio Reporter Peter King has more.

The Lake County School District is out of cash and short of janitors, so the prinicipal at Eustis Middle School told teachers to clean up their own classrooms; it didn't sit well with them or their union president, Don Allen.

"To ask teachers to assume custodial duties is an absolute outrage," he said. "It's just as outrageous as it would be if we asked custodians to teach classes."

Allen says cleaning rooms and emptying garbage isn't part of a teacher's job and that the order violated their contract.

After a meeting with the principal, Allen says, the dust has settled and the order was rescinded, meaning teachers won't be trading in chalk and erasers for feather dusters.