Aruba Teen's Mom Wants Answers

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The mother of a missing Alabama teenager said two hotel guards detained in connection with her daughter's disappearance are innocent but three other men in custody know what happened to her.

Beth Holloway Twitty also said if she does not see results soon, she might start to believe that authorities are trying to protect the three young men.

"All three of those boys know what happened to her," Beth Holloway Twitty said during a 45-minute interview with The Associated Press in her hotel room at the Holiday Inn, the same hotel where 18-year-old Natalee Holloway was staying before she disappeared on May 30. "They all know what they did with her that night."

Holloway Twitty declined to say what she thought the young men had done or whether she thought her daughter was still alive.

The teen vanished hours before she was expected at the airport following a five-day trip to the Dutch Caribbean island with 124 classmates and seven chaperones celebrating their graduation from Mountain Brook High School, near Birmingham, Ala. Her U.S. passport and packed bags were found in her hotel room.

It has now been two weeks since Natalee Holloway vanished. There is no sign of her, and rumors outnumber hard facts, reports CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella. Reports swirled over the weekend that one of the three suspects admitted "something bad happened," that the 17-year-old confessed, that a suspect led police to a body. They all turned out to be false. Aruba's prime minister gave a rare Sunday night address on local television, promising that progress is being made, but prosecutors have yet to call Natalee's disappearance a crime, and none of the five suspects has been charged.

The three young men — the 17-year-old son of a Dutch justice ministry official and two Surinamese brothers — were detained Thursday. The two former guards who worked at a hotel not far from the Holiday Inn have been detained since June 5. Lawyers for all five have insisted their clients are innocent, and no one has been charged in the case.

The mother for the 17-year-old suspect told CBS News her son had nothing to do with it. Anita Van Der Sloot, said her son is a star student, a good athlete, with a wide circle of friends. She doesn't remember him talking about Natalee Holloway.

Van der sloot also said her son wanted to help with the search, but was advised against it.

"It drove him crazy that he couldn't do anything because of the investigation, and he wanted to go out and look, and he's still very positive that she's alive, and she's somewhere," Anita van der Sloot said.

Prime Minister Nelson Obuder went on national television Sunday night to reaffirm Aruba's commitment to solving the case. Authorities "are doing all that is possible to resolve what happened as soon as possible," he said.

But Holloway Twitty, 44, said she was not satisfied. "I'm not getting any answers," she said. "I don't feel any further along than the day I got here."