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Aruba Suspect Held In Custody

A 17-year-old Aruban must remain in custody as authorities investigate the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, an appeals court announced Thursday.

The court also found that there is not enough evidence to detain two brothers from Surinam in Holloway's disappearance.

At a closed hearing Tuesday, a judge heard the appeals from a defense lawyer seeking the release of Joran van der Sloot, and from prosecutors asking for the re-arrest of the Surinamese brothers, Satish and Deepak Kalpoe.

Van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers were among the last people to see Holloway, 18, of Mountain Brook, Ala., before she vanished on the final night of her high school graduation trip to the Dutch Caribbean island. Another court ordered the release of the brothers on July 4.

The first hearing Tuesday was an appeal of a judge's ruling earlier this month that there was insufficient evidence to hold the brothers in Holloway's disappearance. Satish Kalpoe, 18, and Deepak Kalpoe, 21, had been in custody since June 9, when they were arrested along with van der Sloot. They were released on July 4.

David Kock, the lawyer for Satish Kalpoe, said prosecutors informed him Monday that they had new evidence in the case that included online chatroom conversations between Deepak Kalpoe and van der Sloot.

But Ruud Offringa, the lawyer for the older brother, told reporters the chatroom conversations were not new evidence and had previously presented to a judge.

Van der Sloot, the son of a judge in training on the island, has been in custody since June 9, when he was arrested along with the brothers. He has not been charged.

Attorney General Caren Janssen has said that Paul van der Sloot, a judge in training on the island, had given his son and two friends legal advice, allegedly telling them, "When there is no body you don't have a case."

The father was arrested June 23 and released four days later after a judge ruled there was not enough evidence to hold him.

Holloway vanished in the early hours of May 30, just before she was to catch a flight home from a five-day vacation celebrating her high school graduation with 124 classmates.

Extensive searches of the island and surrounding waters by authorities and volunteers have turned up no trace of the young woman. Members of a volunteer search team from Florida State University's underwater crime scene investigation department left the island Tuesday.

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