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Arrogant Obama's Short-Lived Presidential Seal

When a friend last week E-mailed a picture of Sen. Barack Obama standing in front of a new campaign seal, I thought the emblem was a put-up job by the right wing. I decided not to blog about it then because I was on vacation and could not verify the accuracy of the picture, seen on this link to Ad Age's website.

Turns out, it was no put-up job. It was in fact created by the Obama campaign. Shortly after delivering it to the American public, the campaign unceremoniously slaughtered the poor seal. Whoever had the combination of gall and stupidity to (A) create and (B) use that seal in public ought to be summarily dismissed.

The seal is emblematic of all that is wrong with the Obama campaign: presumptuousness, self-aggrandizement in lieu of substance, unadulterated hunger for power and social climbing. The seal makes him look as if he has appointed himself president before being elected to the post. This is such a mark of bad judgment it makes one think: God help the American public if voters give him the White House job.

By Bonnie Erbe

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