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Arrest me officer, I'm driving drunk

Matthew Tesson drove himself to the Yarmouth, Mass police station Tuesday night, where he was arrested - for drunk driving Yarmouth Police Dept.
(CBS) YARMOUTH, Mass. - A 46-year-old man was taken into custody Tuesday night after he drove to the Yarmouth police station on Cape Cod and demanded to be arrested for driving drunk.

Who was it that said the first step to solving your problem is admitting you have one?

According to CBS Boston, officers confirmed Matthew Tesson of Wellfleet was drunk and had driven to the police headquarters on a suspended license.

A search of his car also found 10 various prescription pills.

Tesson will be arraigned for operating under the influence (OUI), operating with a suspended license, and felony drug possession.

Now, if everyone else who commits a crime would just turn themselves in...

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