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Arrest In Fatal Bike Collision

Police arrested a man sought in a fatal collision in which a bicyclist's body apparently crashed through a car's windshield and was carried at least 13 miles.

The suspect, Isidro Calderon Hernandez, 26, surrendered at the office of a Santa Ana attorney who had already been in touch with police, said Sgt. Joe Vargas.

Hernandez is being booked for investigation of felony hit-and-run, Vargas said.

Authorities say Hernandez was driving about 50 mph on Sunday night when he plowed into John Lee LaBord, 18, of Orange, who was riding home from work. LaBord went crashing through the car's windshield on impact, but Hernandez continued driving on three freeways before dumping the body at the edge of a toll road.

John Lee LaBord

Correspondent Dave Lopez of CBS station KCBS-TV informed the victim's father, Alex La Bord, that his son's suspected killer was behind bars.

"I hope they punish him because he took away my family, my youngest child," he said.

LaBord's body was spotted about 6:30 a.m. Monday near Portola Parkway and state Highway 133, about 13 miles from where he was struck. Police said his body was about 25 feet away from the highway.

Someone watching a television news report Monday night noticed a damaged white Honda Civic in Buena Park and called police. The car's windshield was smashed inward. Police then searched Hernandez's apartment.

Hernandez's family said he spent most of Sunday at a Jehovah's Witness picnic at an Anaheim park, and then ate at his parent's house. He went home around 9 p.m. after complaining of a headache and tiredness.

Lilia Calderon, Hernandez's mother, said he has suffered from reoccurring headaches since he fell off a scaffold two years ago and injured his head.

"He was in a coma for three days," Calderon said. "He also broke three ribs and injured a lung. He's suffered terrible headaches from that day and has taken medication on and off.''

Police said Hernandez struck LaBord less than three hours after leaving his parent's house.

Hernandez was also under investigation for possible involvement in a hit-and-run accident May 22 in which another bicyclist was hit and suffered scrapes, Vargas said.

"We don't think we have a serial bicycle-hitter. As strange as this case is, though, who the hell knows," he said.

An autopsy was scheduled to determine if LaBord could have survived if he had been treated right away, Vargas said.

LaBord was to have started classes Tuesday at Santa Ana College, said his aunt, BonniWilliams.