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Arrest after Los Angeles store clerk's kidnapping caught on video

SOUTH LOS ANGELES — A 29-year-old man was arrested Thursday after allegedly kidnapping a woman from the convenience store where she worked in South Los Angeles, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Police said that Jose Cado was taken into custody Wednesday night following a massive search and a short police chase.

Security video captured Cado dragging a 28-year-old woman by her arms outside of the convenience store, where he proceeded to push and shove her into his vehicle. The victim reportedly said she didn’t know the man.

As the woman was being dragged out of the store, she attempted to alert a passing mailman to her predicament by hooking her leg onto his. The mailman, however, didn’t appear to take note and didn’t take any action.

The mailman told CBS Los Angeles that the woman wasn’t screaming for help, and so he assumed the assailant and victim were acquaintances or in a relationship.

The victim, however, told the store owner that she had been screaming for help.

But according to the store owner, who asked to remain anonymous, the victims screamed “Help me, help me. I don’t know this guy.”

Eventually, the woman got free of her assailant.

The Los Angeles Police department said that they were able to track Cado because two women who had observed the assault from their car took a photo of the car’s license plate and sent it to the police.