Arnold Schwarzenegger: Success and secrets

Arnold Schwarzenegger rose to the top in bodybuilding, movies, and politics, and then lost his marriage to infidelity

Schwarzenegger: When they said "No," I heard, "Yes, you can do it, Arnold. You can do it."

He likes defying the odds, which he does with steely discipline and drive. He worked hard to become an actor, finding out in his acting lessons that the self-control he'd mastered as a bodybuilder was getting in his way.

Schwarzenegger: The thing that can really make you lose is if you get emotionally unbalanced, and if I put everything that's happening emotionally on deep freeze. So I became an expert in living in denial.

Stahl: Someone said about you that one key to your success was your resolute, non-introspection. And you also say in the book, I think, that if you have had a failure in life, you just erase it. You don't think about it, and just keep going.

Schwarzenegger: I don't dwell on it. Dwelling on it, like some people do, you know, years later, say, "Oh, yeah, I lost this, and I will never forget that. I'm still suffering." No, that's not me. I don't suffer of anything that I've lost.

Stahl: You're able to just keep going?

Schwarzenegger: Oh, yeah.

His first leading role was in "Conan the Barbarian," for which he was paid $250,000. He set out to double his pay with each new movie.

Two years later with "The Terminator," he tripled it, getting $750,000. Arnold's character uttered just 74 words -- though three of them are among the most memorable in all of Hollywood history.

[Terminator: I'll be back.]

With that, Arnold Schwarzenegger - funny name and all - became a big movie star.

His master plan always included a family. A year after Terminator he proposed to Maria Shriver. They'd been dating and living together for eight years. That same year, 1985, he costarred in a movie called "Red Sonja." When Maria read the script, Arnold says she told him, "Don't do it. It's trash."

Stahl: You write in the book that you had an affair with the actress in that movie. You cheated on Maria. And you were in your relationship. And you don't even write that you felt bad about it. You just write it.

Schwarzenegger: Actually, you know, I did feel bad about it. But, I mean, all of my various different things, they were mistakes. And this is, you know, my failure. My screw-ups.

Stahl: Was that the only affair?

Schwarzenegger: No. I had others. But I mean, ah, but you know, it's something that's obviously between Maria and me.

Stahl: She knew?

Schwarzenegger: Yeah.

Stahl: So it's a recurring issue with you.

Schwarzenegger: I'm not perfect.

How Arnold told his wife about the biggest mistake of all when we come back.

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a big wedding in Hyannisport in 1986. The birth of their first of four children came just as Arnold's movie career hit the stratosphere. Christmas 1990 "TIME" magazine put him on the cover as Hollywood's top star.