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Arnold Schwarzenegger on affair: "Stupidest thing I've done"

(CBS News) Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to release a new memoir, which includes a detailed account of his affair with the family's housekeeper.

Speaking out for the first time since the affair and the end of his marriage to Maria Shriver, Schwarzenegger spoke with with "60 Minutes'" Lesley Stahl in an interview that will air Sunday, Sept. 30.

Referencing the betrayal and his lies to Shriver over the course of a full decade, Schwarzenegger admitted, "I think it was the stupidest thing I've done in the whole relationship. It was terrible. It inflicted tremendous pain on Maria and unbelievable pain on the kids."

For more of Stahl's in-depth interview with the former governor, be sure to watch 60 Minutes, Sunday, Sept. 30 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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