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Army Skydiver Parachute Mishap Caught on Tape

A U.S. Army skydiver hit a snag during a pre-game jump Tuesday night at the Rangers' Ballpark in Arlington, Texas. The skydiver was left dangling from a flagpole after his parachute got entangled on the windy evening.

The Rangers said the unidentified jumper was uninjured after he unhooked himself from the chute and dropped a few feet to a work platform on top of the scoreboard, the highest point of the stadium. The jumper could been seen walking away while his parachute whipped in the wind for several more minutes before being removed by stadium workers, who arrived quickly.

On "The Early Show," CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor reported the skydiver was among several members the U.S. Army Parchute Team known as the Golden Knights.

The rest of the skydivers in the display landed on the field.

Click on the video below to see the parachute incident.