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Armenia By The Numbers

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) acknowledged earlier this week that legislation to reclassify the mass killing of ethnic Armenians almost a century ago is doomed for the foreseeable future.

Democratic leaders were forced to make that assessment after 14 lawmakers withdrew their signatures of support from the bill this week after the Foreign Affairs Committee approved it last Thursday. A handful of other co-signers signaled their intent to vote against the measure - or just vote "present" - if Democratic leaders brought it to the floor.

The committee action last week sparked vehement protests by an angry Turkish government because the symbolic resolution would reclassify actions by their forebearers in the Ottoman empire during World War I and its immediate aftermath.

The Turkish government threatened to restrict the U.S. military's access to bases and airspace. And on Wednesday, the Turkish Parliament gave the government authority to invade northern Iraq as part of an escalating showdown with Kurdish rebels.