Arizona Gunman Identified

peoria shooting st josephs hospital unidntified victim
Police have arrested Richard Glassel, 61, a former resident at Ventana Lakes retirement community in suburban Phoenix. Authorities said Glassel pulled up to the Ventana Lakes Yacht Club in a U-Haul truck Wednesday, went into the community association meeting and began firing.

The man feuded with the group over the way groundskeepers took care of shrubs and other plants. He didn't want the bushes around his house neatly manicured, the community association attorney, Penny Koepke. A woman was killed and four others injured.

Fran Dorsch, a 67-year-old resident of Ventana Lakes, said she was at the pool behind the club with her grandchildren when people came out of the building screaming.

"I thought they were fighting with each other, but then they said a man had a gun," she said. "I heard the shots, 'Pop, pop, pop.'"

Nila Lynn, 69, who suffered a gunshot wound to the back, died at John C. Lincoln Hospital-North Mountain, said Scarborough.

Esther LaPlante, 75, was in extremely critical condition at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center. Paul Ettinger, 69, was in serious condition at St. Joseph's with a bullet wound to the chest.

Charles Yankowski, 69, was treated at Lincoln Hospital and released. Gilbert McCurdy, 63, had surgery on his foot and was listed in fair condition at Lincoln.

Glassel was tackled and subdued by people in the center when his gun jammed.

"He didn't holler or anything, he just started firing," said Sheldon Stover, who helped restrain Glassel.

Neighbors and witnesses said Glassel had past run-ins with the community association. Police Sgt. Russ Scarborough also said community residents reported they hadn't seen Glassel's wife, Susan, in about eight months.

The community has about 1,400 homes amid man-made lakes, tennis courts and grassy common areas.

The shooting came a day after a man opened fire at a senior citizens apartment complex in Michigan, killing two women and critically wounding another. In that case, authorities said, the accused gunman opened fire during a meeting tenants called in the wake of accusations the man had used vulgar language.