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Ariel Winter: I'm not ashamed of breast surgery scars

Ariel Winter has always been very open when it comes to body image, and the conversation around her look at Saturday's SAG Awards was no exception.

The "Modern Family" actress revealed in August that she underwent breast reduction in June, saying, "I wasn't hesitant at all. I wasn't sad. I was really so thrilled about it and the idea of not being burdened with these any longer."

Winter still stands by her decision, and she responded to fans who made comments after she wore a low-cut strapless gown that showed her scars on Saturday.

She wrote on Twitter, "Guys there is a reason I didn't make an effort to cover up my scars! They are part of me and I'm not ashamed of them at all. :)."

Later, she wrote, "Humbled by all the positive feedback about my scars.Embrace who you are,love every bit about you,because that is what makes"

Winter said one of the reasons why she decided to go from an F-cup to a D-cup was because it was stressful to shop for clothes.

"I went to a swimsuit store with my cousin a few months ago and couldn't find a bathing suit that fit me," she said in August. "I really felt bad about myself. I didn't feel happy." She also added that it was hard to find appropriate dresses for awards shows.

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