Are U.S. Prisons Equipped To Hold Gitmo Detainees?

Since President Obama announced his decision to close down Cuba's Guantanamo Bay detainment facility there has been much debate from lawmakers over where the prisoners would be transferred. Most have adopted a, "not in my backyard" philosophy and have argued that their congressional district not adopt any detainees.

Yet, on "Washington Unplugged" today, CBS News' Justice Correspondent Bob Orr and the Washington Post's Carrie Johnson told Bob Schieffer that U.S. federal prisons are equipped to safely house the Guantanamo detainees. There are already terrorists in U.S. prisons, they argue, and it is unfair to ask other country's to take in prisoners if Americans refuse.

Take a look at the roundtable below as well as an interview with Representative James Moran (D-Va.), Representative Frank Wolf (R-Va.) and author Gretchen Peters.

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