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Are remains found in apartment wall long-missing woman?

LOMITA, Calif. - Los Angeles County authorities are trying to determine whether human remains found walled up inside a Lomita, California apartment are those of a long-missing woman.

Thirty-two-year-old Raven Campbell once lived in the apartment but vanished in 2009, leaving behind her purse.

An anonymous tip last week led investigators to the unit and cadaver dogs alerted during a search. Investigators knocked down a wall and made the gruesome discovery Wednesday, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The remains were removed on Thursday, and sheriff's officials confirmed they are human.

Campbell's sister told the Los Angeles Times that the family also received an anonymous phone call, and the caller said "they think her body is in [a] downstairs apartment in the wall of the closet behind the stairs," reports the paper.

Her sister, Malaikah Manasseh, told the paper that she thought the case should be investigated as a homicide, because her sister never left her purse behind. She reportedly said Campbell had a mental disability.

Neighbor Jose Luna told the paper he's heard other people in the apartment complex complain about a "terrible smell" near the unit where the body was found.

Family is convinced the remains are Campbell's, reports the paper.

There's no immediate word on the cause of death and the current occupants of the apartment have been temporarily relocated.

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