Archie On Peyton, Rex, More

Dave Price landed the first interview this week in Super Bowl-crazed Miami with Archie Manning, father of one of the quarterbacks in Sunday's big game, Peyton Manning.

Peyton, a veteran who is considered a future Hall of Famer, is playing in his first Super Bowl.

Archie, a former star quarterback on a poor New Orleans Saints teams, told Price what goes through his mind when he watches Peyton on the gridiron.

He also compared his son to Peyton's counterpart Sunday, Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman, generally considered far inferior to Peyton.

When Price asked what he's been telling Peyton, Archie responded: "He's played nine years, and this game today is a lot harder to play than it was when I played. He knows more about it than I do. So, when I talk to him Saturday, I'll tell him the same thing I told him when he was in high school, all my kids, when they play: Play hard, play smart, have fun, and we love you."

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