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Arab Jihad Supporters Reach Out To Jihadists in Somalia

Arab fighters who wished to travel to Somalia posted several messages on Al Quimmah forum Thursday, asking Somali militants about ways to join their ranks.

"We want to join you and fight alongside you. This is our obligation and a religious duty towards you," said a member of the forum using the name "Glory Seeker" in a message entitled "An appeal to Shabab al Mujahideen."

The member also asked for directions about what was the best way to get to the Somali militants with minimal risk. "Please reply," he said at the end of his message.

On May 7, members on al Falojah forum had discussed joining the militants in Somalia. Many inquired about ways to get to Somalia and join the militant groups there. They were directed towards the website, Al Qimmah, which is run by Somali militants.

On May 12, a leading figure Shabab al Mujaheddin group, Sheikh Hussein Ali Fidow, told a press conference that foreign fighters from across the Muslim world were flocking to Somalia to give support to their Somali brothers.

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