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AQIM Issues Document To Legitimize Attacks On Army Suppliers

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) released a 42-page document aimed at regulating and legitimizing the attacks carried out by the group against suppliers working with the army in Algeria. The document, drafted by Abi al Hassan Rashid Ben Mohammed, elaborated on the effects that result from collaborating with the security forces, and the religious grounds that makes such collaboration religiously forbidden, which in turn gives the group the right to punish collaborators in a way they deem fit, even through execution.

Attached to this document were documents that included public notices issued by the group, and bearing the signature of AQIM leader, Abu Musab Abdel Wadud, where he warned against the collaboration with government forces. It also included a number of documents that the group used as evidence to convict collaborators and which included receipts, an employment reference letter and a certificate of completion of military service.

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