April Fools' Day: GOP Mocks Obama's Campaign Promises

In honor of April Fools' Day, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released a Web ad that pokes fun at President Obama, using video of campaign promises he made in 2008.

In the video, entitled "Democrats' Rainbows & Unicorns," a reassuring voice congratulates the president for solving global warming "by replacing cars with low emission unicorns... powered by the renewable energy of rainbows."(you can watch the video at left)

Sarcastic jarring at the Obama administration pervades the entire video. It begins by saying "he kept all his promises." For the next minute, the ad mocks Mr. Obama, showing sound bites of heartening campaign rhetoric and clips of a jovial American public with over exaggerated statements and obviously overblown statistics like the one about the rainbows above.

"Unemployment is at negative 39%," it reads, as people in business suits gleefully throw papers in the air. "Our deficit is no more," as a cheerful man gives his daughter a piggyback.

At one point, a snippet is shown of Hillary Clinton during her primary campaign against Mr. Obama in which she jabbed at the then-candidate's superstar status.

It continues: "And now he has blessed us with free health care, creating trillions of jobs, without forcing us to buy health care...and without any backroom deals."

"He is truly the greatest president ever," the ad says, just before taking a sharp turn -- blaring "APRIL FOOLS!" across the screen .

The announcer then says "Get Real" and the tone of the ad is reversed.

"Promise after promise broken. Don't be fooled by Obama and the Democrats in Congress. Hold them accountable," the video warns alongside pictures of the president and Senate Democrats the NRSC is targeting to defeat in November. The NRSC is the Senate Republicans' campaign committee.

As much as the video was meant to be seen as a joke critique to Mr. Obama's handling of Washington, the NRSC was more biting in an accompying press release.

"The NRSC 's new Web ad warns voters not to be fooled by the empty promises from President Obama and the Democrats in Congress, who continue to push their unpopular and deeply flawed spending agenda in Washington at taxpayers' expense," the release said.