Appomattox Shooting: Scruggs, Quarles, Dobyns Families Devastated (Photos); 3 Teens, Child Murdered

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APPOMATTOX, Va. (CBS/AP) The devastating Appomattox shooting by alleged gunman Christopher Bryan Speight claimed 8 innocent victims. Among them are three teenagers and a 4-year-old child whom Speight knew, officials said.

Photo: Morgan Dobyns and Emily Quarles.

PICTURES: Virginia Family Massacre Victims

State police identified the victims as 16-year-old Ronald Scruggs; 15-year-old Emily Quarles; Karen and Jonathan Quarles, both 43; Dwayne and Lauralee Sipe, both 38; 15-year-old Morgan Dobyns; and 4-year-old Joshua Sipe.

Photo: Morgan Dobyns, Emily Quarles, and Ronald "Bo" Scruggs.

PICTURES: Virginia Family Massacre Victims

Hundreds of friends, family and strangers are on Facebook, celebrating the victims' lives. "R.I.P. Emily Quarles", "R.I.P. Morgan Dobyns", and "In Memory of those lost in the Appomattox Shooting" are some of the pages where sympathizers can leave their comments.

PICTURES: Virginia Family Massacre Victims

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