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AOL Kids Only

If you have kids and a computer, chances are they are already using America Online or have been pleading with you to sign up. Come on mom, come on dad, all of my friends are using itÂ….

"And for them, this isn't a new medium, it's their medium. In fact in a recent AOL Family Channel survey that we did, parents said their kids were more likely to fight over their computers than their telephones. And that's just extraordinary. And we're seeing kids coming online in droves with the service lighting up every afternoon as the kids get home from school and start signing on."

AOL kids programming honcho Mark Dewey. Before you think, great, another way for the kids to waste time instead of doing their homework, you should know the Kids Only Channel can actually give them help with itÂ….

"We have what we call a knowledge database and a lot of resources to help them get quick answers. And for those sticky problems, we have opportunities for them to connect with teachers real time, through the tutoring rooms in the evening or through our ask a teacher program where they can send out a question and have a teacher that is a specialist in that area respond to them."
The channel is designed for 6 to 12 year olds. Parents can also adjust setting on America Online to make sure they're safe. The key word on AOL is kids.