A.O. Scott and David Carr discuss media and pop culture

(CBS News) Every week, New York Times film critic A.O Scott teams up with the newspaper's media critic, David Carr, to talk media and pop culture in a web video feature, "The Sweet Spot." Friday morning, the pair took their show on the road, joining "CBS This Morning" to talk about the guilty pleasures of pop culture.

Carr admitted to co-host, Gayle King, that his own guilty pleasure is the TV show "Cops." "Where else are you going to see so many people in handcuffs with their shirts off," he joked.

Scott added that his own guilty pleasure is the film franchise of "Step Up" dance movies.

While they acknowledged that The New York Times can be a high-minded environment -- or "fuddy and duddy" as Carr described it -- through their weekly web series, they've discovered many of their colleagues indulge in lowbrow reality TV and they touched on the broader cultural implications of a national fascination with reality TV.

"It's become a way of talking about the other," said Carr. Scott added that the guilty part factors in when a viewer is "watching a show just to feel better than the people that you're watching."

For more on iconic films and guilty pop pleasures, watch the video above.