Antley Police Reports Released

Chris Antley had cuts and bruises when he was found dead in his home, and drugs were discovered in another room, according to police reports released Thursday.

The two-time Kentucky Derby winner was found dead Dec. 2 with severe head trauma, triggering a homicide investigation that so far police have said little about.

An autopsy on the 34-year-old jockey was inconclusive. Further tests are expected to be available in January. The head trauma has yet to be explained by police or the coroner.

The 5-foot-4-inch Antley had a cut to the left side of his forehead, abrasions to his right elbow, and bruises on his left forearm, according to the reports.

Police found .55 grams of a white substance they believed to be crystal methamphetamine, a small black plastic bag containing the same substance, and .01 grams of an off-white substance that resembled methamphetamine in the dining room of his upscale home.

Antley had problems with drugs and alcohol, which had led to two arrests in the five months before his death.

Detectives investigating the scene also found drops of blood near a door on the northwest side of the house.

Kathy Park, a friend who sold Antley his million-dollar home, last saw the jockey alive the afternoon of Dec. 2 when she and her daughter brought him lunch.

When they arrived, Park later told police, they found Timothy Wyman Tyler Jr. in the driveway using a crowbar to pry open a toolbox in the bed of his truck.

Tyler, a 24-year-old from Pasadena, was arrested Dec. 2 on three drug warrants. Police describe him as an associate of Antley's, but have not named him as a suspect in the homicide.

Park told police she believed "Tim is possibly supplying (Antley) with methamphetamine and other illegal drugs," the report said.

Park said she was upset to find Tyler at the house because she didn't trust him, and advised him to leave because Antley didn't want him there, the report said.

Park then knocked on Antley's door, and when he didn't answer, she tried to open it, but saw that it was locked, she said. Park went to Antley's bedroom window, knocked and called out for him. He came to the window, but refused to open the front door, and told Park he wanted to be alone, the report said.

Park told Antley she would be back later with his brother. While her daughter put the food down, Park checked the house for any unlocked doors, found none and left as Tyler stood in the driveway.

Park told police she felt uneasy leaving Antley with Tyler "who has taken money and other items from Antley in the past," the report said.

Bryan Antley, the jockey's brother, told police that Tyler was "bad news" and had caused Antley "a lot of problems," the report said.

Tyler and Antley met five or six years ago while undergoing drug rehabilitation, Bryan said. Tyler lived with Antley for about two weeks a couple of months ago, he aded. Bryan complained to Antley that he didn't trust Tyler. Bryan had met Tyler one time and told him not to come on Antley's property, according to the report.

About 11 p.m., Park and her daughter returned with Bryan, who had flown in from South Carolina.

Park received no response when she knocked on the door and called out Antley's name. She used her house keys to unlock the door, and the trio found Antley lying on his stomach in the hallway.

Park called 911. The sheets were pulled off Antley's bed and the bedroom door was off its hinges and propped against the wall, she told investigators.

On the 911 tape released by police Thursday, a dispatcher asked Park what was wrong. She said, "I don't know if he's dead or alive. He's laying in the hallway with blood."

Park told the dispatcher the blood appeared to be coming from Antley's head. She added there was "blood all over the bedroom."

Asked if Antley had ever attempted suicide, Park said, "Um, no, but he was on a 72-hour hold a month ago and you guys let him out."

The dispatcher asked if Antley had threatened suicide, and Park said, "No, he's just had mental problems."

Bryan Antley told police he last spoke with his brother two months ago and he noticed a change and wanted to take Antley back to South Carolina with him.

Bryan said his brother "has a drug and alcohol problem and was trying to get his life back to normal," the report said.

Antley's wife, Natalie, who lives on the East Coast, is expecting the couple's first child in January.

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