Anti-Obama Democrats, Pelosi's Bush Blast, And Red States In Play

Democratic anti-Obama movement grows online. According to cofounder Diane Mantouvalos in an online video posted Thursday, the Democratic anti-Obama movement is growing online. Mantouvalos claims the number of Democratic anti-Obama websites is growing exponentially., an anti-Obama Web site, lists some 160 websites that have sprung up to urge Democrats to vote for McCain so, these Hillary supporters hope, Senator Clinton can take on McCain in 2012.

Montouvalos told one of these anti-Obama Dems is making a documentary. She also said some 250 organizations were on a conference call planning a major event three weeks before the Democratic convention next month in Denver. Stay tuned...

Nancy Pelosi's straight talk express. Speaker Pelosi got it right on CNN yesterday when she described President Bush as a "total failure" on everything from the economy to the war to energy policy.

In prior postings, I've explained why the Bush administration is responsible for wrecking the economy by driving up the deficit (including wanton spending on the Iraq war), which in turn has weakened the dollar and contributed to high oil prices.

One can only wish Speaker Pelosi had spoken out equally forcefully in defense of Hillary Clinton when she was getting skewered by sexist media critics.

Red States in play. Senator Obama said last year he would boost black turnout in November, putting in play Southern states that normally vote reliably Republican, including Georgia and Virginia.

More recently, he told reporters on his campaign plane that those states are in play. He's apparently correct in his assessment of his chances in Virginia, but he appears to be dead wrong about Georgia.

Rasmussen Reports shows McCain and Obama dead even in Virginia at 44 percent. But McCain has maintained a solid 10 percent lead in Georgia for more than a month.

Obama needs a better fact-checker if he wants to stem his loss of credibility.

By Bonnie Erbe