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Anti-Cruelty Law Demanded

A protest over the cruel treatment of stray animals in Taiwan is planned for Thursday, September 10th in New York City by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

PETA says thousands of strays in Taiwan are being electrocuted, starved, poisoned, and buried alive in dog pounds because no law prohibits cruelty to animals.

News About Animals

The protesters say they plan to gather outside the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office on Second Avenue to release never-before-seen video footage shot last month showing dogs left to die of starvation, tied by metal nooses inside makeshift pens.

Protesters are calling on the Taiwan government to pass animal protection legislation; the Taiwanese legislature has promised to consider the country's very first anti-cruelty law making it a crime to cause unnecessary pain and suffering to dogs and other animals.

Last month, PETA reports, its investigators discovered that strays on the island are still being caught with metal lassoes and crammed into cages without bedding or protection from the elements. PETA says many weak and old dogs are torn apart by fighting dogs who share their crowded cage space and do not allow them to eat.

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