Controversial anti-bullying measure goes to a vote

CARSON, Calif. -- Bullies in the city of Carson outside Los Angeles won't be fined or charged for their actions anytime soon.

The City Council voted down an ordinance that would have cracked down on bad behavior.

Three of five councilmembers voted no to an ordinance that would have criminalized bullying.

"No, it's not a defeat," said Councilman Mike Gipson. "We're going to bring it back again."

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Gipson, who said he was bullied as a child because he stuttered, authored the ordinance that would've made bullying punishable with a fine.

The first offense would've been $100, second offense $200 and a third could've resulted in criminal misdemeanor charge.

"There has to be something else that we can do other than bringing the police," Councilwoman Lula Davis-Holmes.

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Before the vote, councilmembers heard from Nancy Vega. She said her brother was a victim of bullying and committed suicide.

"I feel that my brother would still be here if something like this would've been done," Vega said.

Even the before the vote was taken, it was clear there was opposition. One mother passionately told the council there are bigger priorities.

"We need you guys doing the big stuff," said Miesha Warren. "Let us parents take care of that, and whatever the parents aren't taking care of the school will take care of, and when they're 18 and they go to jail then the system will take care of. You guys do not need to worry about that."

The City Council will now go back the drawing board to seek advice from experts and residents before trying again with a new proposed ordinance.