Anthony Sowell Case: 75 Unsolved Murders May Point to "Cleveland Strangler"

(CBS/The Plain Dealer/Landov)
CLEVELAND (CBS/AP) Police are investigating about 75 cold-cases that could be linked with the suspected Cleveland strangler, Anthony Sowell.

Photo: Anthony Sowell, 50.

PICTURES: Anthony Sowell Victims
PICTURES: Anthony Sowell's Home of Horror

Sowell, 50, is the only suspect in the slayings of 11 women many of whose remains were found in and around his home last Oct. 29 to Nov. 3. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason said he thinks more victims will be found.

Authorities say Sowell lured women to his East Cleveland residence and attacked them. Some of the victims had been missing for more than a year.

Photo: Amelda Hunter, 47, mother of three, was found dead in Sowell's home.

PICTURES: Anthony Sowell Victims
PICTURES: Anthony Sowell's Home of Horror

Of the 75 cold cases, Mason said, ""We have absolutely no link to him to any one of those homicides today, but we're going to do DNA testing and further review to see if there is a link."

Sowell was indicted on new charges involving an alleged choking attempt on a victim who survived, the prosecutor announced Thursday. Mason said a grand jury indicted Sowell with attempted murder, kidnapping and felonious assault in an attack on a 42-year-old Cleveland woman at Sowell's home last April.

PICTURES: Anthony Sowell Victims
PICTURES: Anthony Sowell's Home of Horror

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