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Answer to "self siphoning beads" (in slow motion)

(CBS News) We ask a question, and the Internet will invariably answer. The other day we highlighted a very cool physics phenomenon in the form of "self siphoning beads." And while some of the why behind it was answered by the poster (and the comments left by all of you were excellent!), there were a few areas that still remained unclear. Cue one of our favorite slow motion and science-focused video creators, who used their talents to "show and tell" everything above.

The favorite group in question (but with an answer!) is Earth Unpluggedwho have been featured on The Feed almost too many times to count now, who worked with the original video's creator, Steve Mould, and write about their educational collaboration together:

These beads seem to levitate, defy gravity and jump out of the beaker. But how and why do they act like this? We met up with Steve Mould, the science guy from Britain's Brightest, to explore the science behind the "self siphoning beads" - also known as "Newton's Beads".
To get a closer look at the phenomenon, we filmed them in slow motion to try to work out what exactly was happening, and how the behaviour changes with height.
Don't you just love how the Internet works? A simple question asked will inevitably lead to an answer. Bravo goes out to Earth Unplugged and Steve Mould for this wonderful collaboration and satisfying our scientific curiosity! If you'd like to watch the original video that inspired this follow-up,be sure to click here. And to see more amazing work by Earth Unpluggedyou can see our previous posts by clicking here or you can go to their YouTube page by clicking here.
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