Another impressive one-take, single-person, looped song

(CBS News) So back in January we featured music artist, ThePETEBOX, doing an impressive single-take, looped cover of MGMT's "Kids". Now he's back with an original arrangement entitled "Panther Dance" that has impressed us once again. Note: setup for the song goes until about 3 minutes.

Wow. He is a literal one-man band. It's amazing what one person can do these days with a loop pedal and some (okay, a lot of) talent. And as I mentioned before, we here at The Feed are big fans of this growing trend (at least we hope it's growing) of single-person performing, looped music (first featuring such a performance with Jarle Bernhoft last year). A big triple-rainbow salute goes out to THePETEBOX for another great performance. To check out more music by THePETEBOX, you can visit his website by clicking here.