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Another Free Computer Offer... FreeMac

Apple isn't doing it. Instead a new company called is offering to give away a million of the hot selling computers over the next two years. FreeMac founder Jonathan Strum...

"We're going to give away a million iMacs and in order to receive one, it's pretty simple. As of next month, someone will be able to come to our site at, submit a brief demographic profile, apply for and agree to receive the FreeMac Visa card, which is being supplied through First USA and then go ahead and sign up for 36 months of EarthLink Internet service at 19.95 a month."
One of the advantages to tying in with EarthLink is its aggressiveness in providing high speed net access. Besides the Internet service and agreeing to take the branded credit card, what else will the free iMac cost you?

"What we're looking at when we think about is probably the greatest case study of what we call permission marketing that anyone's ever seen on the Internet."

That demographic profile means you'll be getting targeted ads. Strum says from the early response, the initial demand will outstrip the supply. He'll only have ten thousand iMacs to distribute at first and the company's hope is, people will be patient.

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