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Another "first" on "Survivor: Philippines"

It was another "first" for "Survivor" Wednesday night when the two tribes reached a stalemate during a muddy reward challenge on "Survivor: Philippines" and struck a deal to end their misery.

The challenge required teams to roll a ball through mud and after an initial struggle, members of each team managed to trap an opponent, which effectively brought the challenge to a standstill. After more than an hour of that, the bargaining began.

Skupin's tribe offered Kalabaw the reward -- sandwiches, chips and brownies consumed in a dry hut -- in exchange for all of that tribe's rice. Team members discuss this among themselves. While much is made of getting Artis' opinion because he is "the birthday boy," his tribemates then proceed to ignore it. No wonder he later pitches a fit.

Kalabaw gets an extra surprise at the reward - letters from home - which bring tears to most castaways' eyes.

Later, both tribes seem to rue the bargain. Penner has not been able to provide the fish he promised to the rice-less Tandang tribe, while Kalabaw is astounded at how little its rivals had left.

Neither group is happy as they approach the immunity challenge, which requires teams to catch the balls that one of their tribemates launches from a catapult. Tandang wins, and Kalabaw faces yet another Tribal Council.

There is discussion of voting out Penner in a blindside that would prevent him from using his immunity idol, but in the end, the ousted tribe member is the beauty queen Katie, who by her own admission contributes little to the challenges.

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Watch the video below to learn more about the bog roll reward challenge: