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Another Bad Hair Day For Gore

Al Gore has been doing all the things candidates do, as on Thursday when he divided his time between highly publicized official business and campaign stops. But for the vice president, every day seems to bring a little more bad news, reports CBS Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer.

On Thursday, it came from one of the Northeast's most influential Democrats, New York's retiring Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who endorsed Gore rival Bill Bradley then all but dismissed Gore as a viable candidate.

"Nothing is the matter with Mr. Gore, except that he can't be elected president," Moynihan said.

Even Bradley seemed startled by that bleak assessment. But for Gore, it was just one more downer in a campaign wracked by trouble and infighting.

Bradley and Moynihan

Although Gore hired a huge staff and has been spending money furiously, he's been virtually stalled in the polls since August, while Bradley has quietly moved up.

A lot of Bradley's new support is coming from New York, and a win there in next year's earlier-than-ever primary would be a serious blow to the vice president.

"We have to do very well in New York we have to do very well, we're up against an entrenched power," Bradley said.

Insiders say Moynihan's help to Bradley could be crucial. They note that Hillary Clinton was so anxious for Moynihan's blessing she chose his farm to announce her possible senate run.

On Thursday, in the Bronx, it was left to her to speak up for the embattled Veep.

"I think the vice president would lead a good team for the future for New York and America," Mrs. Clinton said.

Of course Gore has plenty of endorsements too - more than a hundred members of Congress among others. But when a political figure with Moynihan's influence in a key state says of a man who has been vice president seven years, "no thanks, he has no chance," it has to hurt.

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