Another amazing flash mob wedding proposal (this time at UCLA)

(CBS) - Guys, I've got some bad news for any of you thinking of popping the question to your love. We've got another flash mob wedding proposal today and the bar just keeping going up. Take a look. 

The days of dropping down on a knee with a ring in your hand appear to be over. Do that now and you're bound to be met with a response of, "Is that all you think of me? Where's the music and dancing and Broadway production? I thought you loved me!"

And much like yesterday's amazing Disneyland dancing proposal, this particular video occurred in the Los Angeles area at UCLA. The video was posted onto YouTube by flashmobamerica who writes:

Nam and Trang met eachother on the campus of UCLA. He decided to bring her back to where they met for the ultimate surprise!

Congratulations to the happy couple and thank you so much for not only making your own proposal memorable, but also entertaining us all in doing so!