Anne Hathaway falls in love in "One Day"'s Ken Lombardi speaks with Oscar-nominated actress, and soon-to-be Catwoman, Anne Hathaway about her latest film, "One Day," which explores a relationship over the course of 20 years.

(CBS) Anne Hathaway is taking some time off from playing Catwoman to promote her latest effort, "One Day," now out in theaters. The Oscar-nominee spoke with at the New York red carpet premiere of the film and told us what it was like to star in a love story set over the course of two decades.

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"It was lovely...I think sometimes with love stories you're asked to believe that people fall in an absurdly short amount of time," Hathaway said, "So it was actually really wonderful to get to play a character who ages herself but also gets to know... her love."

In "One Day," Hathaway stars as Emma, a young college student in 1988 who meets and develops a close friendship with Dexter, played by Jim Sturgess from 2007's "Across The Universe."

The film chronicles the evolution of their friendship into a romance, showing us how their lives play out throughout the years on July 15th, the anniversary of the day they first met.

Hathaway was able to connect with the source material, the popular 2009 David Nicholls novel on which this film is based.

"I really related to Emma and her world-view and her lack of confidence and the way she was a late bloomer and had to grow into herself...I think I related a lot to that," Hathaway told us.

And what was her favorite part about working on this project?

"Shooting a love scene in Paris was kind of on the bucket list so that's pretty cool."

To see more of our interview with Hathaway, watch the video at the top of this story.

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