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Anna Nicole Smith's New Shape

It's hard to turn on the television today without seeing a commercial selling the next best diet plan. Now, marketing companies have found a new selling tool: celebrity status.

Anna Nicole Smith is no stranger to celebrity. With a modeling campaign and reality series under her belt, she now joins the ranks of celebrity dieters.

Back in April of last year, Smith started following the TrimSpa diet plan in which she took an Ephedra-free pill before every meal. It takes 10 days for it to kick in.

"That really shrinks your stomach," Smith tells The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler, "It really shrinks until you can't eat much and you're not hungry. So, I've had to taper off the pills. I take like two a day now. I don't take six a day anymore."

She notes, "It's really hard to eat, because, for me, it's like I've lost my appetite. So I have to really, really push myself to eat."

She wouldn't say how much she used to weigh. "I'm never going to tell you how much I weighed." Nor how much weight she has lost, "Can't tell. You got to watch it on my special on Feb. 22 on E!"

She did tell Syler at this point she is a lot smaller than when she did the commercial endorsing the diet plan and would even like to get back to the way she was at the time she did the shoot.

Asked why she decided to lose weight in the first place, since for a while she seemed comfortable in her own skin, Smith says, "I wasn't unhappy at all until just everybody just started ridiculing me so bad. I just got to the point that it was just like, 'My God, you know. Just shut up, everybody. What is the big deal?' And then I just looked in the mirror. I'm like, 'I am fat!'"

Soon after, she says, she started working for a diet product. She says, "I just came across TrimSpa. And I started taking that. And then, amazingly enough, TrimSpa called Howard, my manager, and my best friend. And they called him and wanted me to be a spokesmodel for TrimSpa. And I was like this is great. It's absolutely working."

As for her personal life, she has been involved in an ongoing court case involving her late husband's estate, which was valued over $1 billion. Asked what the status of that is, she says, "I really can't comment on that right now. I'm just in the waiting process right now. So it's just a waiting game."

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