Anna Nicole Smith's Former Bodyguard's Motives Questioned, More Witnesses to Testify

Former Playboy playmate and reality star Anna Nicole Smith died after being found unconscious in a Florida hotel room on Feb. 8, 2007. She was 39. She died of "combined drug intoxication" with the sleeping medication chloral hydrate as the major factor, according to the Associated Press. Smith was taking a lengthy list of other medications, including methadone for pain.
Anna Nicole Smith (AP Photo)

CONWAY, S.C (CBS/AP)- Anna Nicole Smith, 39, died of an accidental overdose in her Florida home back in 2007, but the trial that could convict Smith's lawyer-boyfriend and two physicians of conspiring to keep her sedated with drugs continues, with prosecutors subpoenaing five more witnesses.

Entering the second week of testimony, Howard K. Stern, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich pleaded not guilty to conspiring to provide Smith excessive amounts of opiates and sedatives. The three have not been charged with her death.

Smith's bodyguard testified against the three defendants last week saying he saw her Stern and Dr. Eroshevich supply the former Playboy model with drugs as she slipped into addiction in the year before her death. But defense attorneys, Monday, called into question Maurice Brighthaupt's motives saying that he did not come forward until Stern called him a liar on national television and had previously attempted to profit from personal photographs of the former Guess model.

This week, five South Carolina residents may be asked to testify in California as material witnesses in the case. Deputy prosecutor Jimmy Richardson said the residents were called because they were familiar with Smith's physical condition before her death.

Warrants for the witnesses were presented to the court on Monday. If the residents refuse to take the stand in California, they could be arrested.

Two of the five witnesses are local developers being sued by Smith's boyfriend. One of whom reportedly had a relationship with Smith and was involved in a dispute with her over a $900,000 home in the Bahamas she claimed he had given her. He has denied the claim.

A third resident told the judge that she does not remember details of Smith's condition because it was over three years ago, but if she has to testify she will.