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Anna Chapman Breaks Her Silence on Facebook

Anna Chapman's Facebook Profile (AP Photo) AP Photo

NEW YORK (CBS) Anna Chapman spent nearly a week in solitary confinement while awaiting charges for espionage connected to her double life in the U.S. as a Russian spy, but she's making up for it now by connecting with her growing fan base via Facebook with a quote from Dickens.

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"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - Charles Dickens" read Chapman's status on the social networking site Tuesday.

While in the U.S., she partied at elite clubs and had reportedly started a successful internet business ("best of times," no doubt), but then she then got arrested and deported for spying for Russia (presumably "the worst of times").

"She never accepted money. She never did any transfers," Chapman's attorney said after she plead guilty. "In fact, the only time that she was ever asked to do anything - by an undercover FBI agent - she refused to do it."

In fact she more or less turned herself in when she was asked - by an undercover agent - to pass a forged passport on to another spy, according to a report by The Washington Post.

Since her arrest there have been quite a few posts on her facebook wall. The critics are few, but one poster did suggest an extreme punishment for her admitted crimes - death. Most of them, however, are by "friends" ranging from " We [heart] you Anna Chapman!!!))))" to "my buddy next to me at work thinks your [sic] hot in a spy kinda way."

Let the "best of times" roll.

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