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Ann Ward, "America's Next Top Model" Winner, Shows Modeling Program Embraces All BodyTypes

Ann Ward, American's Next Top Model, winner has a waist so small a man could fit his hands around it.
Ann Ward, America's Next Top Model winner, has a waist so small a man could fit his hands around it. (America's Next Top Model/CW) America's Next Top Model/CW

NEW YORK (CBS) When it comes to "America's Next Top Model," size doesn't matter.

Last year's winner was plus-size model, Whitney Thompson and this season,k 19-year-old Ann Ward, an extremely thin, 6'2" model was just crowned, proving that the show embraces its curves and its waifs.

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But Ward's thin physique has stirred up some controversy.

So does this mean "America's Top Model" will be bringing back Kate Moss-type models back to the runways - in the same year a plus-size fashion show was introduced to New York's Fashion Week?

Tyra Banks, a curvy, former Victoria's Secret model, says she is thrilled to have Ward as the show's 15th winner and doesn't see a problem with her body type.

A confidant to her contestants who often struggle with body image, Banks says she's staying true to her commitment "to expanding the definition of beauty, which includes ALL shapes, sizes and proportions, from skinny to curvy and everything in between."

Ward's thin physique wasn't always praised, however. She was bullied in school and recalls her past saying, "All those comments about being tall and just not normal. They're going to look back and feel 'I should have been so nice to that girl.'"

Whether or not Ward will be getting the apologies she deserves, she may feel some comfort when she receives her first paycheck.

Ward will be featured on the Italian Vogue cover and will receive a year of representation from IMG and a $100,000 Cover Girl Cosmetics contract.

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