Ann Rule

Ann Rule was born in Michigan, where her interest in the criminal-justice system was sparked by vacations with her grandparents.

Her grandfather and an uncle were sheriffs; another uncle was the medical examiner; a cousin was the district attorney.

Two things fascinated her then and now: What causes innocent little children to grow into criminals? And how could crimes be solved with only a button, a shred of fabric, a drop of blood, a cigarette butt, or a fragment of a bullet?

Rule went West after high school, earning a bachelor's degree in creative writing from the University of Washington. After graduation, she became the youngest policewoman ever hired by the Seattle Police Department. Later, she was a caseworker for the Washington state Department of Public Assistance.

Since becoming a true-crime writer, Rule, who now lives outside Seattle, has tried to learn more about her subject. She attended King County Police Basic Homicide Investigation School with working recruits, and she earned 46 hours in Forensic Pathology (Medical Examiner's Seminars) at the University of Washington School of Medicine. She attends law enforcement seminars on everything from how to search for bombs to dealing with street gangs and new ways to solve homicide, and she has sat through more than 100 trials.

For more than 25 years, she has worked full time as an author and lecturer. As a lecturer, she has addressed such prestigious groups as The FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, The American Academy of Forensic Psychiatrists, The National Academy of Medical Examiners, The National Association of Women Police, and The International Association of Polygraphers. As an author she has written 1,400 articles on crime and has more than 20 million books in print, 16 of which were best sellers.

When she is not writing or lecturing, she spends time with her five grown children and her many pets. She also collects police paraphernalia.


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Empty Promises: And Other True Cases (December 2000)

And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano: The Deadly Seducer (September 1999)

A Rage to Kill: And Other True Cases (July 1999)

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The End of the Dream (September 1998)

In the Name of Love: And Other True Cases (December 1997)

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Possession (July 1997)

Dead by Sunset: Perfect Husband, Perfect Killer? (March 1996)

A Fever in the Heart: And Other True Cases (August 1995)

You Belong to Me: And Other True Cases (July 1994)

Everything She Ever Wanted: The True Story of Obsessive Love, Murder and Betrayal (November 1993)

A Rose for Her Grave: And Other True Cases (July 1993)

If You Really Loved Me (March 1992)

The Want Ad Killer (October 1988)

The I-5 Killer (1988)

Lust Killer (July 1988)

Smll Sacrifices: A True Story of Passion and Murder (June 1988)

The Stranger Beside Me (April 1981)

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