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Animated Debut For Jada

With the exception of Titanic, the animated Japanese film, Princess Mononoke, is the highest grossing movie ever released in Japan, foreign or domestic, grossing more than $150 million.

This Friday the English language adaptation hits theaters nationwide. Drawing on Japanese folklore, myths and legend, Princess Mononoke takes a look at man vs. the environment.

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith makes her animated film debut as the voice of Toki. And talked about her experience on The Early Show.

Princess Mononoke is the animated tale of a war between encroaching civilization and the beast gods of the forest, which threaten to unbalance the forces of nature.
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The style of this film is considered to be "Japanese anime," meaning it operates on a somewhat more sophisticated level than the animated films in the United States.

Anime usually involves more blood and thunder and often sexuality. There's dismemberment, decapitations, adult language in the film, yet it's rated PG-13.

Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki has adapted this animated epic adventure into English, revoicing the film with some of Hollywood's finest actors.

Pinkett Smith is the voice of Toki, the gutsy brothel worker-turned-iron worker who takes a liking to warrior prince Ashitaka, voiced by Billy Crudup.

Other featured voices include those of Claire Danes, Minnie Driver, Gillian Anderson and Billy Bob Thornton.

Pinkett Smith's most recent film roles include her portrayal of the title character of Woo. And she also starred in Scream 2, Return to Paradise, The Nutty Professor, and Set It Off, among others.

And she is featured on her husband Will Smith's soon-to-be released Willennium album, due out Nov. 16.

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